From Thursday 5th November, due to lockdown restrictions, we will only be opening for our takeaway service.

Remember to place your order by 5pm the day before the latest, weekend slots are already going pretty fast!
Time slots for collection every 10min

Order through Facebook message or email, and remember the deadline for ordering!

Payment through Bacs or Cash in envelope

We will offering our delivery service on Fridays and Saturdays! Once again, delivery slots are going fast!

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support!

A full range of delicious Thai food and a very warm welcome at our restaurant

Ooy & Quentin

Traditional Thai food

Here at The Thai Corner, we wish you to experience our traditional home made Thai food, the one we eat and enjoy day after day

Freshly cooked

We believe in fresh local ingredients, therefore we only use the freshest vegetables and meat from our nearby suppliers, all located in the Hythe and Waterside area, and for all the Thai ingredients, we get them imported straight from Thailand!!

We are proud to make all of our curry pastes ourselves, as well as our sweet chilli, plum and peanut sauces, according to traditional recipes from all over Thailand

The way you like it, hot or not

Our food is made to order, therefore, if you wish it to be a bit milder or hotter than usual, please do not hesitate to tell us

Takeaways - on pre order only

Fancy having a take away from us? Make sure to pre order by 5pm the day before the latest, time slots start at 5pm with collection every 10min. Order through Facebook message or email, bear in mind time slots get taken up very quickly, so the earlier you place your order the better

Parties - we are very flexible

Considering having your party at The Thai Corner? Please ask us for details about our different options, from just ordering from the main menu, to personalised set menus. Please consider we add a discretionary 10% service charge to parties of 6 and more

Enjoy - the experience

We hope your experience in The Thai Corner is pleasurable and memorable